Burning Change

In SONNETS on October 8, 2009 at 5:33 PM

Thine eyes, their sweet sense, swaying in my dreams,

Climbing up the quiet staircase with me,

Up, like two children in dark hallways, lost;

Wandering for a sleep’s eternity.

Cruel fate if I awake, remembering,

Thy tender touch and loving soft fingers.

Cool breeze across the wheat, remembering,

Oh my life, my love, so much more lingers.

Oh list! Cruel, pernicious Fate deems thee gone.

Truant day passing again like before;

Why doth these veins burn with life? See, White Fawn,

What woe for now I know thou lov’st me more.

My beloved, memory never leaves;

And until we meet again, your Love grieves.

Written for Sean in memory of Carla

Copyright 2009 by Kimberly Cox

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