Fall Sonnets

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For Remittance Girl

Light rain was falling and the night train leaves;

With me aboard inside her warm lit cars;

No goodbye from you. We were thick as thieves;

You and I, a pair we two, hot night bars,

Dancing, Laughing, Behold our Spring of Youth

The men, how they wept upon milky skin;

Dared them, we two, with drinks to share their truth;

Slice back our ruse; Slice forward our sweet sin!

Oh but black are the hearts of men; but Oh—

Nothing is more black than horrid Thee, Snake

Turning as you did into a sparrow;

Now, gone from me, still pecking so hearts quake;

Lust slithers, as the train slithers away,

Swallow’d by rain, lost to your temptress play.





No more will I sing this siren ballad

My feet sinking in unforgiving sand

For what purpose returns the loss I’ve had

Innocence ripped forever out of hand

Youth buried in receeding surf and land

Penitent still mine eyes mist over woe

And more must I subject to reprimand

No home, no friend, nowhere for me to go

Strike thee! With teeth and rapture orchestra

Furiously rings symphony ‘gainst thee

Pirate of souls deject as Electra

Oh from this bondage long I to be free

A siren’s song of innocence was pure

Until thy greed took more than I’ll endure


Red Sky At Dawn

Where didst thou go, Oh Muse, most fierce and true?

To play across Eleusinian Fields?

Blank mystery in thy absence, un-new;

Thinkme old, then absence unfairly yields

Time in a bottle for me, thy whim and pet;

For watching shadows and shades I grow old;

Whilst thee, Oh Muse, age has not driven yet,

No growth of furrowed brow, deep and bold.

Stand fast, for what I am is your old slave;

Return’d Red Sky at Dawn, drought upon grave;

No minstral’s voice doth sing or care to save,

Mem’ry, Sweet Muse, of what your gifts once gave.

While in your absence, I grow old and dry

Wondering if Time to thee breathes a sigh.

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