Are You Trying to Learn More About ME?

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2009 at 12:08 AM

Dearest Friends,

This blog post is brought to you by all the cool people on Twitter, who inspire me daily to try new things. I do not have a Facebook, MySpace or other Social Networking Pages for a reason. Twitter, however, with its immediacy and ephemeral quality, has become my latest pet project and from that, I dare to write here now.

Curiosity will always be part of our human nature, made more endearing by the adventures that ensue.

Having a blog makes me feel more exposed. Mainly, it has yet to truly speak for who I may be or offer a stranger a picture of whoever I may be.

I imagine if you are kind enough to visit this site and peruse these entries, you’ll see there is no “thru-line.” It’s clear I am new to this. No fancy widgets or graphic design or color palette stand out. This blog is only a few weeks old. I am learning slowly how to do this. So, most of these posts are segments from written works, some are journals and some are satire or poetry.

Eventually, you will see this grow and get a better sense of the person who writes these posts. I’m the one who tweets about Thucydides and Iggy Boos and The Franks. I also tweet original sonnets live and post them here.

Why do all of this? I can’t answer that in one sentence. I can answer, however, the question in a different way. You’ll just need to stay tuned.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to be here with you all. Thank you and keep exploring. Magic happens every day. If you see it, it will happen.
Visualize it, Ladies and Gentlemen. Visualize it.
  1. Greekheraldry has put it so well, I feel there isn’t more I can add…keep writing PLEASE and thank you


    • I look forward to sharing more, thank you. The words of encouragement are welcome ones. We are lucky to be able to do this, aren’t we? A wonderful quote from Terry Gilliam: I hate underestimating audiences. Well said, and very true.


  2. It’s a privilege, coincidence or fate, and definitely pleasure that I got to meet you via Twitter. Keep on posting, I love what I read.


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