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Dear Readers,

I am combining the two stories into one post due to the developments throughout the day. You can still read the individual posts if you look on the lower right hand corner of the homepage. Also, I encourage you to continue leaving comments. This story deserves the thoughts of others and I welcome your feedback.


Algorithms. They never seem to function without malfunctioning. Let us hope this is a case of “algorithmical malfeasance.” Otherwise, it will appear to users on Twitter that Haikus are forbidden fruit and result in expulsion from the popular online service.

A comment, posted by Remittance Girl on the previous report, illustrates the probable cause of the issue at hand.

Honestly, I doubt very much that the Twitter Lords intended to shut down a haiku round robin. I think what happens is that the activity – not it’s content – is perceived by algorithms that are too dumb to differentiate legitimate content from spam. I’m pretty sure your haiku friends will be reinstated. But yes, it shows up some basic flaws in the mechanisms by which twitter polices its community. But then, what’s new? It happens in real life all the time.

I am coining a new term to describe what has most likely happened here. Specifically, an algorithmical malfeasance occurs when an online and/or a public service is responsible for a wrongdoing due to their programming/operating algorithms.

See below for developments or click here . The case, BAFFLED BY HAIKUS, continues and we’ll know more tomorrow.

I have been checking in on the tweets with the #haikuchallenge tag and I really appreciate the support from all of you. It is a wee bit humbling to know that I have had such an impact on people. Not as humbling as showing up to work accidentally naked, but quite humbling nevertheless.

I still do not know why my Twitter account was suspended. I have not heard back from Twitter Support in response to my “ticket” querying the suspension.  I hope to hear something on Monday so that things can be resolved.

I have observed a couple of tweets wondering who can vouch that the Haiku Challenge Daily Blog and/or #haikuchallenge are not some kind of scam. I suppose it is okay to be skeptical about things in this age of phishing and malware and such. I am pretty sure, though, there are easier ways to concoct a scam than coming up with the idea for a daily haiku group through social networking. Perhaps I have been hacked without knowing it. It puzzles me.

I will continue to post the daily #haikuchallenge word here on the Haiku Challenge Daily Blog, and I will continue to collect and display many of the #haikuchallenge submissions. I enjoy the whole thing tremendously. We will find a way to keep it going.


This makes me wonder:

An unfortunate action on the part of the management at TWITTER shows the service may be more corrupt than anyone thought. Or did their programming system make an error?

What may seem like small potatoes to some is actually a cautionary story for other TWITTER users.

Here is what happened:

A community sharing haikus has been shut down. In addition, the user account for @Baffled (the source for the community “haikuchallenge”) has been suspended and furthermore, is currently under investigation for “suspicious activity.”

Alarmed, users are becoming unnerved. The indication that TWITTER operates a corrupt online service is becoming apparent.

What do you think this means? With users like Ashton Kutcher and televison programs free to promote celebrity business ventures, the general public, however, is forbidden to engage in innocent activity. Could the corporate mission at TWITTER be corrupt? Are they using the service for a purpose that will eventually harm other people? Or could it be a programming mechanism to filter SPAM?

Please REBLOG on Tumblr and other blogs to alert TWITTER users and to share your thoughts on the service.

Just a note for #haikuchallenge followers: late last night (October 31) I discovered that my Twitter account had been suspended and is being investigated for “suspicious activity.” I hope to have the situation resolved as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I have asked my friends at @capto to tweet the daily #haikuchallenge word. It will also appear here on this blog.
Thanks for all your support (I can still see your #haikuchallenge tweets).


Inquiring readers may see the alleged “suspicious activity” under investigation. The Haiku Challenge continues despite efforts by Twitter to shut it down. Sharing haikus, is it a crime?  Feel free to visit the website and see for yourself:


Twitter’s program has mechanisms installed to prevent SPAM. As users wait to see @Baffled reinstated, the Haiku Challenge has re-appeared in Twitter’s Search Engine. Meanwhile, the campaign continues to correct the potential error as messages are posted in defense by fans of the Haiku Challenge.

  1. Well said. It is curious that the brains behind twitter didn’t make allowances for the sub communities that were bound to spring up. They’re not exactly doing a good job of protecting us against porn or teeth whitening or get 1000s of followers scams and I’ve noticed an increase in phishing scams. Come on twitter, get your act together if you want to remain the plucky underdog to the bohemoth that is facebook. Use some common sense or you get a big #twitfail


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