Continuing Haikus Challenge Baffled Twitter

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The Haiku Challenge continues today for Twitter Users, despite algorithmical malfeasance remaining unresolved.

The small community on Twitter requested the error be corrected. Throughout the night posts in opposition of the suspension continued. No response or information has been received at this time. However, the faithful fans of the Haiku Challenge remain undeterred in hopes of a resolution. Whether or not Twitter will notice is hard to say.

The daily challenge resumes. No matter what the outcome is, this much is clear: When it comes to the arts, you can’t stop the signal. People will continue to share a love of language and stories just as they have for thousands of years. An algorithm no program can duplicate, imitate, quantify or qualify. Today, the haiku stands triumphant in the face of new technology.

(via haikuchallenge)

November 2:

Today’s @baffled Haiku Challenge:

any haiku you like,

as long as it has the word ‘chance’ in it….

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