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In 21st Century Culture on January 26, 2012 at 2:48 AM

Does Tumblr protect the content a user uploads or not? Sadly, I do not know…

The reason I am not providing a downloadable link for the material is out of respect for the IP and Copyright Attribution for the original artists and producers. In particular, REX Heritage Disc in Holyoke, MA and most of all, the late Maeve Mulvany-Moore, her family, friends and fans. Sadly, the album IS, in fact, out of print and hard to find. It makes it even harder to preserve if people are pirating the material. There is no way to track increasing interest, downloads and all the statistical data demanded to finance any re-lease or for an accredited university to pay the $375.00 in order to add it to their library.

If her solo album, IRISH REBEL BALLADS, became readily-available for digital download under $10, would you spend the money? How about $5? Or even $1 for a song? I would — if it were available. Since it is not, I hate the idea of my attempt to share it affecting anything other than celebrating the work. What I originally tried repeatedly to post on Tumblr, as seen above referring to Mulvany’s JAMES CONNELLY, the site published and holds the post-listing, “PODCAST 73528349,” or something like that. It does for all the music I upload. I am now considering deleting it — What do you think? Am I just lacking computer savvy?

What has been impressed on a vinyl record was a voice, a woman named Maeve Mulvany, whose sound echoes of a time to be remembered, not forgotten. Is it simply a record of an event; a record of people playing music in a room; or is its simplicity masking a rare treasure to be preserved?

I say compromising the preservation or potential availability for future generations is a responsibility we all have to take on. Especially if we consider how our own actions can help support less internet regulation by federal governments. Call me nuts and give me a good reason to consider my position wrong. Who knows for sure?

Copyright 2012 by KHC, GidgetWidget™
Recording courtesy of
Music and Vocals by Maeve Mulvany 
Special Thanks to 
Foggy Dew,” Traditional Irish Folk Ballad

Memoro Steve Jobs

In 21st Century Culture on October 6, 2011 at 4:47 AM

1892 NYT Classified Listing Requesting "Computers" For Government Jobs

He fought well in the Battle of Information.

Well, as Aeschylus, whose Epitaph, “Fought well at the Battle of Marathon,” mentions little about his achievements…

So, do we have the inability to grasp the achievements of Mr. Steve Jobs?

Not only the Greek Tragedian who helmed his path to shape the Golden Age Of Ancient Greece, Aeschylus, himself, was a man whose influence transcend time. Profound and prolific, the impact of his philosophy, science of reason and invention of vision defines 5th Century BC, Athens.

2,500 years later, Aeschylus continues to inspire, helping us, somehow.

Do not dismiss his ORESTEIA or PERSAE.

Dismiss the rumor Aeschylus died because an anomaly occurred in the sky over Sicily: a tortoise fell, striking a fatal blow to his head and fracturing his skull. Apparently, dropped by a hawk or bird.

Thus, Tortoises are responsible for killing the Ancient Greek, the Warrior-Playwright — Aeschylus, the Athenian. He fought well at the battle of Marathon.

LOTUS 1 – 2 – 3

Hence, tortoises and turtles, are relevant. Neither Steve Jobs and his “Chelonia,” nor Aeschylus and his  χελώνη , neither Darwin and his Tortoises, nor any Millennial and our turtles, could have imagined these creatures playing a small part in the dawning of a new era in human civilization.

In third grade, we had to take computer class. And that consisted of learning and practicing basic fundamentals in computer programming skills. This totally eludes me now as it did at nine, ten, eleven-years-old. Picture my freckled face scowling, immediately bored and fidgety. With the 10-12 other students, our torturous assignment always involved this Tortoise or Turtle. To make it move in a straight line. Some kids got it. I didn’t.

We have the computer I am typing on now because Mr. Jobs had a vision. His life and accomplishments will help to define the era of our Information Age. Hopefully, another 2500 years will pass and Lotous 1-2-3 will be a forgotten thing, but Steve Jobs and his role in developing computer technology, will never be.

We have the coolest gizmos — things 19th/20th Centuries’ Science Fiction fans used their imaginations to revel in.

Retrospect and Respect

While I may mourn the loss of an icon like so many others, there are a few who know Steve Jobs as a friend, family member, colleague, boss, mentor, competitor and/or beloved person. For you, I write my most sincere sympathies upon hearing the news of his passing.

We will never know the full impact of the iMac, iBook, iPod, iPad, iPhone and the other transmutations Mr. Steve Jobs has firing our digital technology. But we will know the name of a great man whose work changed our lives. Perhaps the advantage of retrospect will help us to see in 20 or 50 years more clearly.

Meanwhile, I propose we show our respect with an International Day for the great historical figures, like Steve Jobs, and their common friend, the species Chelonia: Turtles, Terrapins, Tortoises, alike.

They move, making haste slowly, FESTINA LENTE.

Let the race for the clouds, begin.

I’m Gidgie. And I ain’t PC.  Apple MACs, all the way.

Thank you, Mr. Steve Jobs.

Rest In Peace.

Thursday, October 6, 2011 ~ New York City

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In 21st Century Culture on August 19, 2011 at 4:20 AM

If it were up to me ~ I'd quiet the cacophony ~ So, maybe we could see ~ Maybe we could hear.... How close we are ~ To Being ~ Washed Away ~ Washed Away


Lyrics and Music by Kimberly Cox

Let me be

For just a little while

Let me breathe

Let me breathe


I’ve seen an angel, fall from grace

I’ve seen the devil in my own face


And I know the whispers

Well, they lurk in corners

And they speak of the answers

Without using any words


And if

It were up to me

I’d quiet the cacophony 

So maybe we could see

Maybe we could hear:


How close we are

To being

Washed away, oh, washed away


We think that we’re lost

All so lost we can’t be found

And it’s not easy, no

To keep believing

But don’t take the answers

As Grace comin’ down

‘Cause there’re no answers

That we have found

And I know the whispers

Well they lurk in corners

And they speak of the answers

Without using any words


And if

It were up to me

I’d quiet the cacophony

So maybe we could see

Maybe we could hear:


We don’t need to

Be washed away

Washed away, oh, washed away

I just keep holdin’ on

I keep holdin’ on

I keep holdin’ on

Waitin’ for something else to come along

Let me be

For just a little while

Let me breathe




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From The Archives: Media Eating Its Head

In 21st Century Culture on August 4, 2011 at 2:55 AM

Media Eating Its Head.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

This article remains as relevant today as it was when I published it, October 31, 2009.

The motif of 21st Century news media and information technology affecting our culture demonstrates an unintentional theme manifest throughout this blog. Originally, GidgetWidget 2.0  began as an experiment. I never imagined myself still here and blogging two years later. Most of all, realizing many of my published articles explore and question the affects of media on the social and political theaters. Our ability to distinguish propaganda and how technology affects our understanding, these represent motifs emerging from the Archives. “The Media Eating Its Head,” may be the first, building up to articles like MINING EMOTIONS: WHAT MAKES US SO INVINCIBLE?   or 21st CENTURY STORY TELLING AND ART: PART ONE 

My Twitter bio states that I read the Western Canon for fun. The truth is, I continue reading and learning the Classics not because it is fun, but because of its relevance. Its value, dear reader, diminishes with every ad hominem tweet.

We are very much the same as our Ancestors. Whether we follow the pattern of mistakes, or whether learning from these mistakes we avoid the horrific consequences, remains to be unseen.

Now in many ways it was natural to our ancestors, moved by a single resolve, to fight the battles of justice: for the very beginning of their life was just. They had not been collected, like most nations, from every quarter, and had not settled in a foreign land after driving out its people: they were born of the soil, and possessed in one and the same country their mother and their fatherland. [18] They were the first and the only people in that time to drive out the ruling classes of their state and to establish a democracy, believing the liberty of all to be the strongest bond of agreement; by sharing with each other the hopes born of their perils they had freedom of soul in, their civic life, [19] and used law for honoring the good and punishing the evil. For they deemed that it was the way of wild beasts to be held subject to one another by force, but the duty of men to delimit justice by law, to convince by reason, and to serve these two in act by submitting to the sovereignty of law and the instruction of reason.

— LYSIAS, FUNERAL ORATION [17 – 19] from Perseus

In what manner has the use of reason and logic changed over time? Enough so that in the 21st Century, with access to infinite resources and information, its application is falling into a state of entropy.

If you see the ignorance manifest in our media and in the digital landscape, then how can you not ask your readers to look more closely and notice it? We have intelligence, enormous potential; but will we throw it all away so easily? Our Ancestors have. They chose the Bread and Circuses, and the consequences which followed stand out as the Dark Ages.

We are hardly invincible but yet, why do we presume we are?




Confessions Of A Multimedia Spinster

In 21st Century Culture, FOR YOUR CONSIDERSTION, Millennial Generation, NEWS AND COMMENTARY on June 18, 2011 at 9:49 PM
Saturday, June 18, 2011

It begins with only a whisper. Like a single spark igniting a firestorm. Holding Strategic Business Contingency meetings among their executive management has proven ineffective. What they thought was a new platform full of promising financial opportunity has indeed generated additional revenue streams, but their focus has been and remains OFF of the “little guy.” All it takes is the smallest catalyst to trigger a chain reaction the news media and corporate conglomerates fear the most.

Executives rely upon a traditional business operations model to work for this new platform: Managers overseeing Editors overseeing their roster of Independent Contractors, Work-For-Hire (the legal term is Work-MADE-For-Hire, but it’s now losing that very important word, ‘MADE’) and Temporary Staff responsible for generating the designated content for the product. These “little guys” are working under the same parameters they always have. For example, writers are contracted to produce content for the company under the same auspices as the writers working for Marvel or DC Comics in 1980. They get their paycheck and whatever intellectual content they generate is no longer theirs, but owned indefinitely by the company. Even if an employee creates a character or product that becomes a multi-billion dollar franchise, she has no right to financial compensation beyond her Work-MADE-For-Hire contract. Why do you think Jack Kirby’s family has been in a legal battle with the Marvel Empire for a share in the billions of dollars the company makes from Kirby’s creative genius?

High above the New York City street traffic, the corporate executives meet to discuss their Strategic Business Contingency plans, again. This time, they’ll have to face a double-edged sword. Or else risk exposing the sweat shops of their information entertainment divisions.

Employees hired to generate content for these growing Multimedia and Digital platforms are neither compensated, nor feel obligated, nor have reason to maintain Confidentiality as they did before. Non-Disclosure Agreements used to keep company policies and internal operations away from public scrutiny. But when hundreds of people are treated as expendable and with the nubile, job-seeking youth always in supply, the question for these media mega-giants will be how to save face when their former employees wise up and use the anonymity of multimedia platforms to air the dirty laundry.

What is the first corporate media giant you think of when you hear that a “former employee reveals how he was told to lie in his coverage, writing for ______ ?”

If you said, “News Corporation or FOX News,” then I am afraid you are too easily swayed by the media propaganda.

I am referring, actually, to this article about AOL: An AOL Content Slave Speaks Out

This will not be the last testimonial from a person who has been a writer or producer behind the “news” that millions of people consume every day. AOL and News Corporation are furthermore, not the only companies who operate under similar moral/ethical ambiguities as detailed apropos of this article. The truth is, THEY ALL OPERATE THIS WAY. In fact, it’s getting worse due to the online start-ups. The Huffington Post, for example, was a brand built and made profitable by the “little guys,” who in this specific case, were generating content for FREE and received little to no compensation or credit when Arianna Huffington sold it to AOL.

When I say the decline in journalism today has reached a breaking point, I mean it. It’s no longer publish or perish. It’s Spin. Whoever can spin the best story gets the most hits. The better the Spin Doctor, the more valuable you are to the corporate executives sitting in their Strategic Planning meeting.

Understand, what you read as news is really just spin doctored information produced with the intent to out-spin its rival multimedia platforms. Expecting journalism to be what it used to be remains more than ever before, an exercise in futility.

“Don’t believe what you read in the papers.”

It’s all propaganda. It’s all a telephone game. Wake up and smell the coffee–it stinks!

Recognize how the media itself is spinning out of control. We’re all caught in the Spin together. If the audience does not stop consuming what these media giants are producing, then they will suck us all straight down with their spin-doctored “news.” Do we want to end up back into the Dark Ages?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I will keep saying it until more people begin to realize it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a mysterious new dynamic in our reality:

There is a new species in the habitat and it’s not biological. It’s viral.


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